17th Apr 2020 Blog

Patience (noun): the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

DSEG is publishing a series of social media content pieces entitled ‘A Minute With…’, featuring answers to three questions from the celebrity talent we manage.

It’s the responses to the second question where we are finding overwhelming consistency, reflective of many people we speak to every day during this bizarre and difficult period.

#2: I’m learning…patience.

It’s a simple and understandable response, but it also implies that our pre-pandemic starting point was ‘intolerant’, ‘impatient’ and ‘anxious’. This is not surprising for people constantly in the public eye. As the pressures of life build, we are all prone to fall into patterns that crack under pressure and celebs are at the pointy end of that stress.

There is a lot to gain for all of us during this crisis. If we learn from experience and begin to be more patient, then we can take a positive out of what is an otherwise dire situation. It’s ‘what happens next’ that will define us.

Follow the @DSEGWorldwide Twitter and Insta pages to see how our clients are working through their days and what they look forward to when we all come out the other side. It’s well worth a read.