10th Jun 2021 Blog

Emma Freedman is an outstanding example of someone who set her sights on a career path at an early age and managed to successfully overcome every hurdle she faced, to make her profession work for her.

We’ve previously written about another DSEG client, Francesca Cumani and how her burgeoning career was nurtured through careful brand management that assisted her to become one of the world’s foremost thoroughbred experts. A similar theme is true for Emma, who as a chirpy young 17-year-old began her path as the daughter of a celebrated racehorse trainer, and is now a highly respected member of Australia’s sports media.

Back in 2006, Emma’s dad, Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainer Lee Freedman asked DSEG to help his daughter navigate the early stages of her career, which had already commenced in a part time role as a radio staffer at 3AW. With Emma’s talent and drive leading the way, DSEG helped her traverse roles as weather presenter on Nine’s Weekend Today and Today shows, host of Wide World of Sports, co-host of Triple M’s Grill Team and then, on HIT Network, co-host of Scoopla and host of Hit 30 and Take 40.

Ever the hard worker, and with a thirst for success, many of these roles were held simultaneously. Add in winning ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Seven Network in 2015 and writing a best-selling children’s novel, Turning Pointes, in 2016 and you get a fair idea that Emma is happiest when she’s busy!

Along the way though, Emma has had to cope with the disappointment of losing roles to which she had become very attached, as well as missing out on roles that she desperately wanted (and often was highly favoured to secure). With DSEG’s guidance and support, Emma was able to navigate the tough breaks that the media industry threw her way and always take on the next challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

In addition to the industry-wide challenges faced by those working in the media, Emma had to overcome a unique situation of having a famous surname that was 100% skewed towards thoroughbred racing. Although Emma grew up with, and loves thoroughbred racing, the risk of being pigeon-holed into racing media was one that, with DSEG’s help, Emma successfully railed against. Although she still has ties to the racing industry – firstly through her long-standing ambassador role with Lexus Australia and their involvement in racing, and secondly through her work with Tabcorp in voicing the company’s brand and special offer campaigns – Emma is far better known to the general public as a general sports commentator and an outstanding live TV talent.

In hindsight, Emma’s life could not have panned out any better. Married to Charlie for three years, mum of two youngsters – Will and Edie – and much-loved pooch, Utah, Emma has a balance in her life that has never been better. Continuing to work with two long-time media partners Fox Sports and Triple M as well as her two incredible brand partners, Lexus and Tabcorp, Emma is proof positive that you can overcome hurdles put in the way of your career through, talent, hard work, good management, and a driving desire to make things happen.