31st Aug 2021 Blog

DSEG is always working on supporting our talent clients parlay their passions and opportunities, into successful commercial ventures.

One such venture that we have been involved in, is Ponting Wines – a premium wine producer co-founded by Ricky and Rianna Ponting in collaboration with acclaimed winemaker, Ben Riggs and former senior Moet Hennessy executive, David Krenich.

The Pontings’ love of and interest in wine, formed the basis for an idea that ultimately led to a partnership being formed with Ben and David in 2019. DSEG has worked with Ricky, Rianna and the team throughout the various stages of the business planning, the initial launch and all aspects of the business is its early stages of growth.

Bringing the concept to reality has already resulted in several award-winning wines including the Ponting ‘Close of Play’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 which has won three Gold Medals, in London, Frankfurt and New York, and the recently released Milestone 127 Barossa Shiraz, which picked up 95 Points & Gold at the 8th Annual Melbourne International Wine Show Competition in August 2021.

Together with their business partners and best of breed third party suppliers, in less than two years the Pontings’ have created a business that is growing and is widely regarded by the industry and, most importantly, lovers of good wine! The sceptics who said that Ponting Wines was just another celebrity wine brand, have been silenced as Ricky and Rianna work in the business each and every day.

Have a look for yourself at www.pontingwines.com.au.

For a business to thrive in a COVID-affected world it needs a great product, great people and smart marketing. DSEG is pleased to have been able to assist the Pontings at every step of their journey to achieve their goals and turn a passion into a business. It’s this type of collaborative approach that helps set DSEG apart.