DSEG helps brands achieve marketing outcomes by using sport, media and entertainment to amplify awareness, generate engagement, create compelling content and foster positive associations.

We create strategies to optimise existing marketing investments as well as sourcing and negotiating new opportunities to achieve business objectives.

The use of global best of breed partners ensures the currency and relevance of strategic advice; delivering access to best practice commercial models and solutions from around the world.

Rights Holders:

DSEG works with a variety of rights holders including controlling bodies, leagues, teams, media organisations and venues to add strategic value to their business operations, optimise existing rights, develop new inventory, create content and establish go-to-market strategies.

We go above and beyond the usual ‘consult’ role by immersing ourselves in rights-holder’s business to understand how they operate, and to ensure that proposed solutions have every opportunity to succeed.


DSEG partners with media organisations to optimise rights and create new content, inventory and strategies. We provide advice to media organisations on brand engagement, issues management, marketing and negotiations in order to help them achieve their commercial imperatives.

We also utilise media relationships to obtain optimum results for our clients in relation to brand position, marketing spend, messaging and PR.


DSEG works closely with all levels of government and semi statutory bodies, providing exceptional strategic vision, execution and negotiation skills relating to sport, media and entertainment.

We assist in planning, negotiating, content creation and implementing strategies designed to create optimal results for our clients, including aggregating commercial rights and taking them to market, providing valuations based on industry knowledge and sourcing state of the art solutions to enhance existing public assets.

Venture Partners:

DSEG works closely with its venture partners to drive mutually beneficial outcomes.

We do this through direct funding, contribution of resources, provision of services, or access to DSEG’s networks and expertise.

DSEG’s unique position in the sports and entertainment marketplace allows it to add significant value to complementary businesses, creating growth and scope for its partners and for DSEG.