06th May 2020 Blog

‘Things will never be the same after this!’

This is a compelling statement for the world of sport and entertainment as it confronts the catastrophic impact of COVID19. But it’s not the first time we have heard that type of declaration in the 20 years of DSEG’s existence.

‘Things will never be the same after this!’

When DSEG Principal, James Henderson dared to imagine his future business (and even conceived its name) as a teenage sports tragic in his home town of Hobart, little did he know about the trials and tribulations his firm and his chosen industry would face over the decades to come.

On his way to making DSEG a reality, Henderson’s journey from Hobart with his wife Jo had stop-off points at his beloved Hawthorn Football Club and the renowned International Management Group (IMG). But DSEG was always on the horizon and planning for its creation was always front of mind.

‘Things will never be the same after this!’

As any small business owner would know, taking the leap from full time employment in an enjoyable, challenging role, to investing in a dream, is a daunting and sometimes scary experience. Through DSEG’s two-decade history, it has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, across every emotion a roller-coaster could throw its way.

From a tiny start up business operating in a humble home office, through to its position today as a well-respected, highly sought after, advice driven company, DSEG has:

  • Implemented four major strategic plans leading to business evolving, adapting and forever changing;
  • Survived the Global Financial Crisis – a time which saw the business having to sell assets, make tough staffing decisions, move offices and broaden its clientele and service offerings to meet the new market;
  • Endured multiple high-profile crises, the most devasting of which saw DSEG lose two much-loved, talented and highly respected clients, Phillip Hughes and Jason Richards, to tragic deaths within a three-year period; and
  • Helped clients transition from some of the highest profile roles in world sport into new beginnings and opportunities post-playing career.

‘Things will never be the same after this!’

Things will never be the same post-COVID-19. We are all now part of world history – students will study this pandemic for centuries to come. And who knows what the final story will be…

For sport and media – things will never be the same. Every aspect of the industries’ ‘food chain’ has been affected by COVID-19. From player to caterer, from administrator to gate staff, from presenter to makeup artist, from camera operator to grounds staff. The impact has been immense and most-likely long term. Never before has the sports section of a daily newspaper or the sports report on TV every evening, held so little semblance to sport. Everything has been about lockdowns, lock outs, shutdowns, cancellations, postponements, salary cuts, staff cuts…not sport, not even close.

The omnipresent commentary each day in the news regarding the doom, corrections, impacts and slow recovery is largely and scarily true. It is the one time we wish that the headlines were overplaying the enormity of the crisis…but they aren’t. It is a very difficult time and it will continue to be for some time to come.

‘Some things will be the same after this!’

At DSEG, we are resilient and committed; influenced and led by the blue-chip organisations and individuals we work with. They are our heartbeat, our soul and our future.

Things will be the same and, in some cases better and more sustainable. As always, the market will adapt. Leaders will lead, stars will shine, brands will bounce, economies will re-emerge and fans will be re-engaged.

At DSEG, we will be at the cutting edge of this brave new world. Working with the best – advising, managing, marketing, negotiating, networking, challenging and getting things done.

Some things will never be the same, but as DSEG’s 20 years in the business has taught us, that is always the case.