Emma Freedman

Emma Freedman is widely regarded as one of Australia’s brightest media talents. From early beginnings in the sport of horse racing, Emma quickly expanded her involvements in media, fashion, sport and entertainment, capturing the attention of many industry leaders and consumers alike.

Co-host of Nine’s Wide World of Sports program, and of the nationally syndicated Hit 30 and Take 40 programs on Today’s HIT radio network, Emma is also acclaimed as the winner of Seven Network’s 2015 series of Dancing With The Stars and as a newly published author of her first novel Turning Pointes.

Emma has a confidence and spark that endears her to a wide demographic, while offering a direct fit to brands looking to accelerate their cut through in the competitive 18 – 35 year old age segment.

She can add powerful opportunities for your business through use of image and likeness, or hosting corporate functions, promotional appearances, product launches and staff and trade events.

DSEG manages all aspects of Emma’s career.